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JCWYT is a Seattle-based "company" that makes apps, games, and other projects. The projects are mainly based off of bad ideas the duo think would be funny and things their friends jokingly say they'd use.
But why "JCWYT?" It's an abbreviation for Jonah and Callum Waste Your Time. I don't know, we couldn't come up with a better acronym and JCWYT sounds like a fancy corporate name.

About the Team

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Hey there! I do our web design, PR, merch, art, and just about everything else non-programming. You can check out my personal projects at or email me at

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Hi! I do the backend and more technical aspects of all our projects. You can check out my "games" and stuff at If you need to contact me, email me at

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Other Folks

Phil does a bunch of art for us.

Josh helps a ton with Barbara and just bugs in general. Discord him at RaT#0635

Tyler helps with backends! Discord him at the1withspaghetti#1234